Active Kids Are Happy Kids

Unleash your child’s inner martial artist from a young age! We have two programs for small children, each focused on helping them build essential skills as they grow up. Class activities encourage physical awareness and flexibility, focus, and discipline appropriate for their age. Additionally, regular students have surprisingly strong punches and kicks! Self-defense understanding begins early.

While these two programs have overlap, we approach each with a unique mindset based on realistic expectations of rapidly-changing individuals at these formative ages.

Little DragonsMartial Arts Karate Tigers Dragons Jumping

For our littlest students aged 3 and 4, we offer a fun-filled 30-minute class. Kids gain experience navigating obstacle courses, hitting pads, executing basic Karate techniques, and more.

Karate Tigers

While functionally similar to the Little Dragons program, our goal here is to prepare the students for graduation and transition into our Juniors classes. Many of our most committed Juniors students started in Karate Tigers! This level continues to have a loose, fun, and reward-heavy atmosphere, with a stronger focus on attention and discipline. At the instructor’s discretion, students may move up to the Juniors classes.

So what does that mean to you?

Students in our Karate Tigers will:

  • Learn to exhibit a degree of self-awareness and controlMartial Arts Karate Tigers Dragons Sitting
  • Be prepared to complete a 45 minute Juniors class without disruption
  • Acquire basic punching and kicking skills
  • Engage in physical activities scientifically-designed to build their coordination, flexibility, and strength
    • Studies show kids who perform fine motor skills at a high level do better in traditional education environments
  • Have fun!

Sign Up For A Free Class

Help build your child’s coordination, focus, and more by getting them started with a free class. After this session, some parents find it comforting to enroll in our 4 class trial of either program for $59.99. Of course, we also have traditional memberships available to match your budget.

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