Slow Movements. Great Effect.

Martial arts is more than high kicks and fast punches! Enter Tai Chi: A Chinese martial art based in slow, fluid techniques. Perfect for practitioners of any age, it lets you exercise despite sore joints or other challenges.

Sensei Winn Tai Chi River
We train inside. But you can also train anywhere!

We believe in helping you move at your own pace. Our Tai Chi instructors create a low-stress environment with no judgement or unreasonable expectations. From beginners to lifelong practitioners, all are welcome. Remember, it’s supposed to be fun!

Our Tai Chi is based in the Wutan Chinese tradition. Sensei Stamp (6th Dan) has more than 40 years of training and teaching experience. Assisting him is Sensei Winn (4th Dan), with over 5 years of Tai Chi instruction, in addition to his 20+ years of Mudokai training and teaching.

Benefits of Tai Chi

  • Reduce body pain
  • Learn to relax!
  • Train despite physical challenges
  • Already a martial artist? Even MMA fighters embrace Tai Chi to improve their skills.
  • Tai Chi involves a long form. Learning and recalling it helps with your memory.
What are the benefits of Tai Chi training? Sensei Stamp is here to answer.

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