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Whether you're 3, 113, or anywhere in-between, see how MuDoKai Karate is right for you.

Karate Tigers/Little Dragons

Our youngest martial artists, kids aged 3-5, build focus, discipline, and agility from a young age, while having fun!

Kick On!

Juniors (Kids 6-14)

Self-defense is just one of many benefits to training. Confidence, strength, teamwork, and more emerge in all our students.

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MuDoKai karate helps students of all ages stay young in body and mind. Additional options of Aerobic Kickboxing & Tai Chi.

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Who We Are

The University Karate Center is one of the most established martial arts schools in Plantation, FL, opening its doors in 1980. Yes, that's more than 40 years teaching! We are the home of MuDoKai karate, which translates to "The Unlimited Way". By integrating the best of many martial arts styles, we help you build lifelong skills. Our program is suitable for any age, experience level, or physical ability.


All of our instructors are students themselves. Here are just a few of our active and dedicated team.

Shihan Robert Mason

Shihan Robert Mason

Founder & Head Instructor

Having started his training in 1962, Shihan Mason has experience from all over the world, bringing these insights back to the MuDoKai curriculum.

Sensei David FungSang

Sensei David FungSang

Lead Junior Instructor

Since a young age, Sensei FungSang sought to build his own skills, while passionately helping others in their own pursuits.

Sensei Joe Winn

Sensei Joe Winn

Instructor & Tai Chi Assistant Instructor

Combining skills in MuDoKai with Tai Chi, Sensei Winn shares his love of learning with all students to help them meet their goals.

Sensei Scott Leonard

Sensei Scott Leonard

Karate Tigers & Little Dragons

Beneath his tough exterior is an energetic and exciting instructor of our youngest martial artists.

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We asked students and their families what they loved most about training at University Karate Center. Here's what they shared:


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